Pearl Paint Adventures

First, I was hungry and wanted something a little better than McDonald’s so I settled for Subway. I almost settled for mango’s  from the street vendor but my stomach said no.

Second, I searched for a place to eat. Subway only had about six stools and all of them were taken.

So, I walked and walked with my food. Everywhere  had people crowed there. So many people.

I walked down this lane to actually take a picture and decided to join these men on the step to eat.

I am glad I did too because I saw so much activity in a short time.

I wish every lunch time could be like this one. I thought.

I saw two more photographers come to take a picture of the same thing I took a picture of…the Pearl Paint Building across the street

I saw a lady walking about ten dogs at once.

I saw a young lady, maybe my age, walking with an umbrella to block the sun.

I saw a lot of men with fitted suits which I think is cute on men but it gets confusing…who is gay and who is not gay in a tight suit? And is tight the same thing as fitted?

I saw a lot of mail carriers…Do you ever want to follow a mail carrier?  I wanted to get up and follow them! Just for fun. You know, one time when I was little, I ran away with the mail man’s mail?!

And best of all, it was fun being nosy. Listening to the three men.

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