Crotona Pkwy


Crotona Pkwy

Crotona Parkway


I was rushing to pick up some items for a photo-shoot I have coming up when all of sudden I saw that the city was redoing the street. The construction men had already finished their job and was planning to open up the street to traffic. I thought, gosh, this will be a great moment to take pictures of someone right in the street.

The sun was shining correctly in every corner  and I was standing around waiting for the right moment. (Yeah, I stopped rushing for a bit of inspiration).

That is when I saw a group of young men walking up the block and I was going to approach them but they went into a store so I figure I would either just forget about taking pictures or use someone else but there is nothing like a group of men, all wearing hoodies of different colors.

So, I waited for them to come out, asked them to pose for me, and they said yes in so many ways.

(I thought their language was hard to understand sometimes because they kept speaking in Ebonics. Thank God for the young man in the blue hoodie (at the far right) he was like my translator. I didn’t know there was a gangster way of saying God Bless You?!) Like how do you learn to talk the way they talk??

Anyways, they were so kind and very photogenic.

Here are one of the photos. You will see more…


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  1. They felt mad special to be able to stand in the middle of the street and be able to have some one to take pictures of them.

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