Hats and Hoodies

Hats and Hoodies


This is one of the last photos I took of the young men on Crotona Ave and one of my favorites because their colors really pop out here. When I say colors, I don’t only mean the color of the hoodie but one can almost guess their personalities. All of them are in a jolly mood but some are more jovial than the others and it shows in this photo.

Also notice that all of them have something on their heads except the one in the middle with the white. But it is fine that he doesn’t have anything on his head because  he brings out the photo well. He seems to be a person who likes to make others smile and one can pick that up by his pose. It’s cool. It’s laid-back. It’s suave. His pose, his color, and his outfit balance the photo completely.

In addition, look at the young man in the orange. His attitude and tone is what draw one’s eye to the photo. Not only is his hoodie the brightest but his smile is full.

Because the young men are all  standing where they are standing, the photo becomes symmetric with the building and the light pole behind them.



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