Characters in this story: Boy, Girl, Forth Grade Class

Boy and Girl walks on to the train.

Boy: Awww, man! You can’t be serious! (He says while he looks around at the fourth grade class) I’m about to go to a different car.

Girl: Oh, yeah. For real. I know. (She’s in total agreement)

The fourth grade class is not making much noise. They are talking amongst themselves.

The boy and girl then stand together against the door and touch each other frequently. He touches her head with his lips or rubs her arm. Nothing expedient but all the while showing affection.

The fourth grade class becomes interested.

They start whispering amongst themselves and making kissing noises.

This makes the boy and the girl stop showing any type of affection.

In the photo is a little boy laughing and whispering to the little girl next to him. He doesn’t want the couple to know what he is saying. Every now and then, he peeps over his paper to check to see if they are kissing.

Next time I get on the train, and am annoyed at a couple for kissing continuously, I’ll just make sure I bring an army of fourth graders.

2 thoughts on “Smooches!

    I thought it was the girl sitting in the cornner who was the center of attention. where was the teacher of the fourth grader or parent or gaurdian or something.

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