Library Kids, Back to School

Back to School



How are you?

I am sooo happy Lilly! I started school at a new school! My teacher is the best teacher in the world! I am the top student in my class. Today I stayed over to help my teacher after school and she gave me more stars…

This is the voice of   Tyquasia, one of my students from the Library. Lately, I have been seeing my students from the library in the neighborhood. They all seem pretty excited about school and are loving their new grades. All of them passed to the next grade and a few of them are in new schools. The transition is good for them. They are very happy. They all miss the library too. Tyquasia said that she have to go to the Fordham Library which is about 15 minuets away. I told her about the Tremont library which is only about 5 minuets away. But we all can not wait till the West Farms library open back up.

Here is a photo of  Tyquasia with a few of her friends, Kasam and Shyanne

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