My Response to Mr. Torres Email (Concerning the Mary Mitchell)

Dear Mr. Raymond [Torres],

It seems you miss the part of my argument.

Why is the Mary Mitchell  Community building a DOE building? I thought it was a community based building. It seems like the DOE is taking away the Mary Mitchell building from the community and by doing so are desecrating Mary Mitchell memory and all that she stood for in this community. This is unacceptable and not right.

The impact of this center / building on the lives of the young people due to Mary Mitchell’s vision  will never be forgotten and should never be forgotten because many characters have been shaped due to her legacy and vision. Destroying what she stood for is sending the wrong message and if the “powers that be” continues in this direction they will be sending this wrong message to our and other communities throughout the city.

Creative Mary Mitchell

One thought on “My Response to Mr. Torres Email (Concerning the Mary Mitchell)

  1. Mary Mitch is DOE because they work with kids and mainly daycare or afterschool or something of the sort is connected to DOE because of funding.

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