From the Same Womb

Not half, not Step

We are real brothers

Our Family Tree says so

Our blood says so

Our parents says so

Not half, not step

But we are real Brothers

I am the youngest

I am often the cutest

I am often pampered

I look up to my Brother

He is kind, even though he sometimes don’t like to share

He let’s me play his games

And hang out with him and his friends

And eat some of his candy

He explains the world to me when I am confused

My mom tells him

‘You better treat your brother right!’

When he is mad at me

And my mom tells me

‘He loves you’

When I am mad at him

And all of this and more comes with being



One thought on “Brothers

  1. Those are some tough words if the little man small said that. It is good to look up to you brother it is like knowing your own role model.

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