Next to Lord and Taylor on 25 West 38th Street is a small boutique named YEOHLEE or some may say it’s name is ‘Made in Midtown’

YEOHLEE clothing is similar to the clothing designer I once interned for, Ivy H.

It is very simple and the material is fine and comfortable.

When I entered the store I was greeted by a kind sales man who insisted that I call him Ito.  I just went in to look around and Ito made me feel comfortable and spent time with me talking about YEOHLEE’s style and clothing in general.

He even told me about the special ceiling of the store and how it follows YEOHLEE’s theme of  being Made in Mid-Town’ because it is recycled aluminum from Mid-Town.

As we were walking through the store and looking at the clothes, Ito told me about each thing I touched.

‘Oh, that material is called…’

‘this actually can be worn year around’

‘its the perfect Christmas present for a mom…’

And we kept talking about the clothing and YEOHLEE’s amazing art. Her ability to create the treads to something that look comfortable and probably 99.9 percent of the time feels comfortable.

Yeohlee believes that “clothes have magic.” She dresses the “urban nomad”, a term she coined for her Fall 1997 collection, defining a lifestyle that requires clothing that works on a variety of practical and psychological levels. She is a master of design management and believes in the efficiency of year-round, seasonless clothes. Yeohlee’s designs have earned a permanent place in the Costume Collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the late Richard Martin, then Chief Curator, called her “one of the most ingenious makers of clothing today.”

I encourage you to pay YEOHLEE a visit.

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