Living in the Bronx II

Living in the Bronx II

I have learned to LISTEN closely for the train

I know when to run for the train

Which way is it going??

North or South

UPtown or



i have learned to WAIT for the BUS


just in case I am running LATE

I know when to run for the Bus…and when the Bus driver will wait

or when he will just leave me standing there waving

I have learned when to just walk and listen to my IPOD

because only in a blue moon or a New Dawning will the bus drivers in the Bronx wait or stop to pick you up.

OH, like when PRESIDENT OBAMA won presidency… That was like a NEW DAWNING. I caught the bus. The bus driver even greeted Me.

I have learned when to SPEAK and when not to SPEAK and

Just in case I speak when I should have not spoken

I know when to pick up my walking pace.

oh, like when that man said good morning

not everybody wishes each other a good morning

are you wishing everyone who passes by a good morning or

just me??

I’ll say good morning and

walk a little faster- JUST IN CASE

I’ve learned when to look

when to pay attention

or when to simply ignore

Like. A Beggar. when to ask and when not to ask.

or like a driver. when to go and when not to Go.

And I learned all of this living in the Bronx

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