Shopping at the Flagship Lord and Taylor

Frequent shoppers at Lord and Taylor know what to expect when they first walk into the store until they leave. They know what floor to go on for what item, first for cosmetics and fragrance, second for BCBG and lady shoes, and tenth for Men clothing. They know that as soon as they enter they will be greeted with a kind smile and warm (sometimes to warm) welcome by the sales associates.

Hi, Welcome to Lord and Taylor.

And then the rat race will begin. The race to drain you of all your money.

Will you like to try Peace, Love,  Juicy Couture fragrance?

And usually before you say yes or no, the sales associate will spray your wrist. And will only tell you the price when you take out your wallet.

Peace, Love, Juicy Couture fragrance scent is what all New York women are wearing. You can wear it anytime, anyplace and anywhere. Do you like the way it smells? Here, let me give you this.

And the sales associate would probably give you a sheet of paper with the scent on it or better yet, a cut lace with the scent. And continue talking.

It is made with lemon, hyacinth, sweet apple and honeysuckle.

If this is a good sales associate, the list will not stop at honeysuckle.

This bottle is filled with eartly treasures such as meyer lemon tree blossom, wild hyacinth, sweet apple accord, black currant bud absolute, sambac jasmine absolute, star magnolia, malibu poppy, honeysuckle, linden blossom, orris extract, sheer patchouli flower, and enveloping musks*.

And after that long list of ingredients, the sales associate will take a breath and you will be able to finally say, No thank you. But it will not stop there! As soon as you turn the corner, another sales associate will be there to offer you another fragrance and its sample and more sale associates will appear! And when you finally exit out of the fragrance department, you will enter the cosmetics.

After dodging the cosmetics department, you will have to pick up your walking pace  to catch the elevator that is not to far from you. Because experience Lord and Taylor shoppers know that waiting for the elevator is like waiting for the train.

Unless, you rather take the escalator. Which gives you a view of each floor.

If you are a frequent shopper at Lord and Taylor, you would know

which floor is best for your budget.

at least one sales associate who will be happy to see you again.

that looking around the store will lead to buying something eventually, so it’s best not to look around too long.

if you get hungry there is a Sarabeth’s on the 5th and 6th floors.

you can call the store to see if they have your item.

there are plenty of dressing rooms, and trying on clothes are always encouraged.

a sales associate will wait on you until you are ready to purchase.

you will always be offered a credit card.

shopping with your friends makes the experience all the better.

returns are a pain for the shopper and the sales associate.

each floor have little sofas for tired shoppers.

And, if you leave you will always look forward to going again.

Lorda and Taylor

Sales Associate

* visit for information on Peace, Love, Juicy Couture.

This is a picture of a sale associate at Lord and Taylor who always talk to me about my career and encourage me to pursue my dreams and then encourage me to shop.

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