Time Spent


A lot of the children who I volunteered with last year at the West Farms Library stopped going to any library at all when West Farms closed for renovations. The Fordham Library is to far away and very few if any know about the Tremont Library; however, they all still read or say they still read. And I believe them because these are children who read when no one tells them to read.

Yesterday, the West Farms library open. The sad thing is I will not have time to go back to keep up with the children like I used to…I only get to chat with them when I am blessed enough to bump into them. Like James. I saw him playing in the park when I was on my way to work. The good thing is we all live in the same neighborhood and I will run into them or their parents. I can say, not a week goes by without me seeing someone who I volunteered with at the library. Now, I am trying to think of a way to keep up with the children.

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  1. This young man here look so guilty…of something. Oh wow the Library is once again open wow. Oh that is James the one and only wow crazy stories young man.

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