Hangin’ Out nowhere and getting nowhere

Last weekend, Saturday night, I was on the bus with a good friend of mine. We both were pretty tired. We were on our way home. It was the Halloween weekend so a lot of people were out and about. So much was going on. The bus, however, was pretty empty and it seemed everyone on the bus was just tried. It was very quite and very still on the bus.

Nevertheless, that did not last long.

We pulled up to a bus stop with a gang of boys. They were fairly young and should have been at home (it was really late and the oldest boy had to be 12 or 13 years old). None of them had money to pay the fair. A few of the brave ones asked the bus driver if they could ride for free. First, the bus driver gave them a lecture about manners and bus conduct then allowed them to get on. (It was very cold outside). When the rest of the gang saw that the bus driver had a kind heart, they too asked to get on. After making promises that they would be good, they all proceeded to the back of the bus.

First, they begin to talk loudly and the bus driver said over the intercom: ‘No time for fun boys, no time.’ So, they lowered their voices.

Next, the leader of the pack went to the double doors in the back of the bus and tried to open it (while the bus was moving).

The bus driver gave them a grand warning: ‘I would kick you guys off the bus. This is no time for fun.’

The other boys in the group started rolling their eyes at their “leader” and telling him to ‘just sit down’ and to ‘leave things alone’. So, he went to his seat.

Everything was well for a quick second.

Another one got up the nerve to open up an emergency window.

The bus drive got up and gave them a talk. ‘I let you guys on the bus and will not hesitate to throw you off the bus…This is no time for fun. Who open up this here window?’

Of course nobody did it.

When it was almost time for me to get off the bus, I heard one of the boys say in a whisper like voice: ‘y’all want to get off and walk back?’

So, when I got off the bus to transfer to the train they also got off to walk back.

When I was going up the escalator, my friend and I begin to talk about the children and how they should be at home. We started shaking our heads and talking about their parents.

‘They are just miserable boys. They are so young and should be home.’

‘I know. But their parents are probably not even home.’

By the time we got to the top of the escalator, the boys were at the top looking at us.

They were not going to take the train but just came to the station to hang out. I guess they didn’t want to walk back just yet.

My friend and I were so surprised that they were there now at the station. Well, not really surprised, I guess we were a little annoyed.

Children left alone does not only harm the child but it bothers society.

Bus Gang

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