Sample Sale

Not long ago I was walking downtown and a guy handed me a flyer that said SAMPLE SALE UP TO 70% OFF.

The store that was having the sample sale, Elie Tahari, was right around the corner. There was a line of women waiting to get in. There was some type of excitement in the air among them. I had never heard of the term ‘sample sale’ so I joined the line.

When I got to the desk, there was a few young workers who told me to check in my personal items. I gave in everything but my valuables.

There was a lot of women in the store. The store was big but because it was full of clothes, there was barely any place to walk around. Elie Tahari had a lot of beautiful dresses on “sale.” I am not a frequent shopper at Elie Tahari so I am not sure how much the items usually cost but I do know that even with the 70% off, I was not going to buy. Nevertheless, I got a few dresses off the rack, and decided to try them on. I thought even if I am not going to  buy them, I can probably make them (in the near future).

I waited in line for a dressing room, which was a made  by a huge tent being  in the center of the store. Inside the tent, there was no dividers. A bunch of women was in there getting dressed and undressed. I hurried up and tried on a few dresses that actually were the perfect fit but not the perfect price.

After I left the dressing room, I looked around for a while and then I spoke to one of the employees taking the coats about this sample sale.I wanted to know what was the big deal. To me it was just like going into any other store to buy something on sale.

Apparently, it is something that Elie Tahari does every year. The store is dismantled to set up a ‘sample sale’. The clothes are sometimes new items but also from previous seasons. The prices are lower and it is a better bargain for those who shop there.  The sample sale usually last about two days and all sales are final.

I asked the employee if  Elie Tahari makes a profit by the sale but she wasn’t sure. I would surmise that Elie Tahari does make more money because it seemed like a lot of people were buying at least one item. And the lowest price that I saw was $99.00.

As far as the clothing. It was okay. The material of the dresses that I picked up were fine silk and another type of material that I am not sure of and the fit was perfect but the dressed seem kind off rugged, like someone had returned it before. For the price, I felt I should have been getting something better. It was over priced to me.

Sample Sale

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