My Shadow

My Shadow

My Shadow?

It’s my friend.

It is always with me.

I can tell it secrets and no one would ever find out.

My Shadow?

It’s my pal.

I can play with it when I am bored.

And I am bored a lot because my mom likes to go to boring places.

Like, the laundromat. It’s so boring there. And now she is probably taking me to the bank.

I hate going places where there are only adults and the walls are painted one color.

But thank God for my shadow because it always make these places fun.

I think my shadow hates boring places too because when we go there, our favorite game to play is Hide n’ Seek.

And when my mom walks too fast for me to catch up with her, my shadow always understands and stay a step behind too.

I am currently thinking of a name for my shadow.

My mom told me it’s my guardian angel.

I should name it Angel.







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