Bread Factory in Bronx

One night, after church, my dad mentioned the strong smell of bread that was in the air. It was a strong smell. We all could smell it and have been smelling it for years. I never really knew where the smell was coming from; however, my dad knew. He said he used to go to the bread factory all the time, long  time ago. That night my sister and I urged him to take us.

When we got there,  the gate was locked and there was music playing that the entire neighborhood could hear. It was good that the doors to the factory was open! After my dad found a way to open the gate, we walked pass the ‘don’t trespass’ gate and went inside.

I was in awe! It was almost like a mini bread festival. Everyone was packing bread and there were huge bread machines everywhere! There was bread sliding off and on slides, bread spinning, bread being thrown into bags… Bread everywhere!  The workers created an assembly line and was not even distracted when we walked into the place.

The workers were so kind and happily packaged bread for us to enjoy. When my dad offered to to pay for the bread, they turned my dad away and kept working. We were surprised and happy at the same time. We got some good Italian bread for free! Straight from the oven into our tummies.

The Bronx is full of finger lickin’ surprises!

Bread Factory

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