The Dandelion

I was walking to the library one day and little Tammy* came running towards me. She had so much to say.  A mouth full about her life.

My brothers are in the library. I want to stay but I have to go home now. Look what I did in school!

She was talking so fast I could hardly get in a word. Finally I asked her what she was holding.

A flower.

Really? What type of flower is it?

I don’t know.

Well, it’s a Dandelion. And it’s not a flower it’s a weed.


Two weeks ago when I went to Gustiamo*, I was talking to Martina and Anne and they were talking about childhood and growing up in their countries (Martina is from Italy and Anne is from Germany) and the foods that they ate growing up. Can you believe that they both said they used to eat Dandelion when they were children??

What? I said, you mean you ate the yellow flower that grows by the wayside?


I always thought it was a weed. I used to pick it when I was a child and my mom always would tell me to stop picking weeds.

Well, this was my time to learn.

So, next time I see little Tammy, I can tell her that not only is the Dandelion a weed- because it still is- but it is also edible.


* name changed for protection

*Gustiamo is an Italian Warehouse that sells organic food straight from the farms in Italy. Check them out at:

The Dandelion


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