SneakersIts been said that when you see sneakers hanging from a light pole in a neighborhood, that neighborhood is a drug infested  neighborhood.

It’s also been said that when you see pennies on the street, you should not pick them up because they could be clues for drugs.

Growing up in New York can be very hard for innocent children. We don’t want any of our youth to go on the path that many of those ahead of us have went on, yet, it seems like no matter how hard we try some things just stay the same.

Is there a way to make every neighborhood light pole, free?

Is there a way to pick up pennies and not feel like they are some type of “clue” ( what ever that means).

One of my sisters loved plastic sandwich bags when she was younger. One day she went out and saw a mini sandwich bag. As a little girl, she thought, that is so cute! A tiny bag. Good thing someone saw her pick it up and made her drop it, it was a bag used for drugs.

My heart goes out for those children who are making the same decisions or worse but no one is making them drop their drugs, their guns, their habits, or their decisions, instead they are encouraged or left alone, thinking no one really care about them.

The saying, it takes a village to raise a child still holds.  But unfortunately, the village is keeping quite out of fear. Very few people are telling children what to do and don’t do. They seem to expect the children  to raise themselves.

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