Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley

376 Bleecker Street

An American designer who made her first dress at seven years of age.

Now, she is one of the American designers who is creating the rules of fashion.

I went to her website and saw something I can not forget. She created a puffer scarf.

Similar to a puffer coat, the scarf puffs up around your neck.

It’s on sale for $39.oo. A great discount from $135.oo.


As for the window display, the manicans wearing black and white reminds me of Michael Kors  manicans.

But, unlike Michael Kors display window which is created with a fun twist because of the stars, Rowley’s display is more sophisticated.

The lights and the tress add to the uppity feeling but I think it’s the glittery curtains that help to bring the window display out.


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