Art at Il Cantuccio

Art at GustiamoLast Tuesday I met Thomas C. at Il Cantuccio.

He had set up his own drawing ‘booth’ in the restaurant to showcase his art and to draw people. His drawings were mostly caricatures but I saw his portfolio and notice that he also does sculptures.

One thing I thought was great about Thomas was his ability to speak four different languages. While I could tell that he did not enjoy speaking English, we were able to have a pretty long conversation. I had to repeat myself to him a few times but his English was understandable. He could easily speak his native tongue (Italian), French and Spanish which I thought was amazing!

We spoke about art.

Noticing that I was a photographer, he asked me if I could help him put a website together by taking pictures of his work. To which I replied I would love to help him… but later had to decline when I realized that I would not have anytime to help him. Besides, he did not have a studio or a legit meeting place where we could meet.

However, his art is the bomb! He drew me in under ten minuets and it’s an art piece that I am going to frame!

In this photo he is drawing the couple sited in the front of him.

To contact him, you can shoot him an email at

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