Singing with the Community

I joined the Bronx Concert Singers after I graduated from college.

I was in the gospel choir for three years and gotten used to singing on campus. It took me about two years to realize how much I missed singing and being around others who loved to sing.

One night I was on the internet and came across the Bronx Concert Singers website. After jotting down the address and making a few phone calls I took the bus across town to check them out.

I was greeted kindly by the president of the choir, Francis Ciurcina, and introduced to the choir members, mostly middle-aged women.

When choir rehearsal begun, I was mostly impressed by the choir’s director, who everyone called René. He did not just rehearse the songs but he constantly shared anecdotes and fascinating musical history information with the choir.

Last weekend we had our seasonal concert in the same church we practice in, at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church located at 1891 McGraw Avenue in the Parkchester area of the Bronx.

The church is beautiful and it’s acoustics were just perfect, I think.

We were accompanied by the Bronx Concert Singers Chamber Orchestra  and professional singers.

After the concert, a lot of the members asked me if I was going to return for the spring semester to which I said the Lord’s willing. Because the choir is made up of middle-age people, a lot of them look for young people to join.

While singing with the community choir has its pros, it has its cons also. Even though it is located in the Bronx, I have to take the bus across town. It’s not close to me. And the biggest con for me is the dues. It is $100 a year.

I love to sing but I don’t have $100 a year to participate in the choir. And I doubt other young people who are not working in their desired fields have $100 to sing European classical music.

However, I think I would return because it is almost like a getaway. I am surrounded by people who are not only serious about music but are working in their fields.

I can think of a few who are wise in giving advice about life and when you come across people like that, it’s important to hold on to them.Rene

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