You think it’s a Church?! Look Again. And then Walk In

Today a friend and I were walking on the Avenue of the Americas looking for purple gloves.

We were going into almost every store we saw.

When we passed by a church like building, we decided that we would go in just to see what was going on.

A kind door-man open the doors for us and said Welcome to Limelight.

Well, it turned out to be a huge and fun market place. It looks just like an old church from the outside but inside is a mall. There are three tiers and each floor has something for the potential buyers to look forward too.

I spoke to some of the employees about the building and quite a few knew the history of it; however, not anyone I spoke to knew the in-depth history. Their stories usually went like this:

It was first a church, then a bar (one person said a gay bar), a trunk show and now it’s a market place.

Apparently, all that is true. It was an Episcopal Church (Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion) built around the 19th Century. In the 70’s it was sold and in the 80’s it became The Limelight, a social club. This year May 7th, 2010 it opened as Limelight Marketplace.

Each shop is unique and there is a fresh aroma of food through out the entire place; there are gourmet food shops in there.

It has an union square feel. It’s almost similar to the markets in Union Square. It’s just in a very unique building.  In addition, the crowd is fairly small.

If you want to check it out, the address is

Limelight Marketplace, 656 Ave of the Americas

Or visit


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