Culturally Blessed

I feel so blessed right now.

I woke up to a bright day.

Listened to my daily dose of Spanish audio lessons while I was getting ready for the cold weather, prayed and embraced the wonderful world that God made.

When I got to work, I met a clean desk and an empty office. I wrote my stories and checked out as soon as I could.

I also got paid for my previous story and photo! That stirred me up a lot!

Then I went downtown for Gustiamo’s tasting.

It was an Italian lesson and more for me.

When I got on the train, I read Rebel without Borders: Frontline Missions in Africa and the Gulf by Marc Vachon, a daring Canadian and humanitarian worker who worked in Iraq, Bosnia, Rwanda, Sudan, Afghanistan, Mozambique and more. Yep, all the “troubled” countries. His work is one of kind as his character.

While I was on the train, a lady dropped her hat on the floor while getting off and surprisingly the people who did notice did not even tell her. I got up, picked up the hat and screamed EXCUSE ME! Until she turned around. And when she did, I said (kind of yelled, since I was yelling already), you dropped your hat. By that time the train door was closing so I threw it to her. (I get over embarrassment quickly).

When I got home, I shared schiacciata with my family. My brother who is home from college loved it.

Now, I am listening to a program on the radio whose purpose it to teach people about the world. In New York is it WNYE-FM 91.5. It is called Putumayo World Music. It is a radio show that takes listeners on a weekly journey through the music of many different cultures, now heard internationally on more than 170 commercial and non-commercial stations around the world.

For more information visit

I made sure I looked up at the sky to thank God for the sun every time I got a chance and when It finally went down, I thanked him for the full moon.

And that’s a typical day in New York.

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