Gustiamo’s Warehouse

Gustiamo Warehouse

1715 West Farms Road

Over the weekend, I was blessed enough to work in Gustiamo’s wearhouse for the first time.

It was an experience.

My favorite moment over all was lunch time when everyone sit around the wooden table and begin to eat.

Everyone in the office eat at the same time and they eat together. The table is usually set by one or two people.

The meals are usually prepared in advance by Anne, Martina, Stefano or Beatrice and (between talking with my sister who is an employee there and my own observations) are most of the time healthy.

On Saturday, when we sat down to eat, I tasted two products from Gustiamo and a salad made by Martina’s daughter that I plan to make for my family.

The salad was made up of spinach leaves, pears and walnuts. I loved the pears in the salad and tried the same approach when I made salad last night. I sliced up tomato’s, added lettuce, diced up apples.

The first Gustiamo product I tasted was the salted anchovies from Cetara by Nettuno. Anchovies are small fish that are very salty with a few bones. I wouldn’t suggest eating the fish by itself. However, it’s good, it’s not to salty to enjoy.

The anchovies can not top the salmon from Bethel, Alaska but it’s better then the whiteys from Price Choice.

After we finished our meals, Stefano suggested that we eat something sweet. And of course we all agreed.

We had Cioccolato La Molina.  Chocolate with hazelnuts. Scrumptious. It was so good that I saved a small piece for my sister. She almost didn’t get any. I kept nibbling it.

Another reason why I enjoyed lunch time is not only because of the food that is brought to the table but also becuase of the conversation. It amazes me that talking about food can be so interesting and lead to so many topics. It makes food exciting to me.

Lastly, I learned that Gustiamo is a ‘chic’ way of saying ‘come taste with me’ and mangiamo means ‘let’s eat’.

So, next time my family is waiting for me to say ‘time to eat!’ , I’m going to surprise them and say ‘mangiamo!’


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