A Surprise at Il Cantuccico

What a day!

I had a crazy idea to go to Central Park Zoo today. Why didn’t I remember that the Bronx Zoo was extremely better than the Central Zoo?!

It was so boring!

And apparently they don’t have a free day like the Bronx Zoo.

Well, I don’t plan to go back any time soon.

Later on, I went to Il Cantuccio since I wounded up in the area. I also wanted more of that tasty schiacciata.

While I was ordering my bread, David Duchovny, walked in.

David Duchovny is the main actor in the movie Return to Me.

Like I tell most of my friends, because I don’t watch much movies I never remember actors or actresses. And while I remembered his face, I did not remember his name. I just remembered he acted in the ‘heart movie’.

I said to him, hey, you acted in that movie! And, he was said, yep.

He was very to himself. He kept his head down like he wanted to hide. The restaurant was very empty. As a matter of fact, I was the only customer.

Later on I asked him if I could take a picture but he said no, thanks.  It seems as if he was worried about his privacy.

One good thing though was he was interested in Gustiamo’s items. He kept looking at the honey. I could have broke off into another subject about Gustiamo and their products but he wasn’t comfortable.

So I said ciao and left.

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