Try Something New

Last night I put together a little menu for the saints to eat after church: spaghetti, salad and ground beef.

As promised to myself, top in my list was the salad. I wanted make it exactly like the one that I tasted at Gustiamo.

Martina’s daughter fixed a salad for the staff at Gustiamo and when I tasted it, I said to myself, I am going to put this together for the church.

Well, after church, people came streaming into the kitchen and asked what was on the menu.

When I served the salad, many asked the same question I asked when I tried it:

What is it made of? What type of leaves are these?

I told everyone that it was spinach leaves, pears, and pecans.  And they all liked it.

These are folks who are used to soul food. Some wanted salad dressing but for the most part, they enjoyed the healthy snack.

Kudos to Lenzel who put the salad together and my dear Mother Cherry, (a fantastic chef from Jamaica)  who helped the meal become a success.

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