On the wrong track

My School is right next to the train tracks

You may think: oh, No, I feel sorry for you. All that noise.

But, actually it gives me something to look forward to in math class.

Every time I am in class. I look out of the window. I look at the trains passing by. I count how many cars each train have. It seems I always forget the amount. Sometimes I try to count the doors on the cars. Once when class was really boring I squinted my eyes to count the people. I didn’t get far. The train was moving much too fast. Twice, the train stopped in the tracks. It was having technical difficulties. Trains always fascinate me. In history we were learning about World War II. My teacher said that people were forced on the trains. They did not know the destination. The trains were so packed, plenty had to stand. And the worse part, they were on the train for days. I can never get the picture out of my mind. Gosh, I hope-

Yes, Mr. Bofontti

What is the answer?

hum…Where are we at?

Did you do your homework?

Yes, sir.

Do you see something better outside?

Yes, opps, I mean no sir.

See me after class.

Sometimes I love looking at the trains outside of my class window and other times, I wish I would just go through the floor.

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