One Slice of Panettone

When my family celebrated my birthday, they surprised me with a cake from Gustiamo, the Panettone.

The Panettone is a small Italian fruit cake that is made of the following ingredients:

Stone ground “Petra” flour by Molino Quaglia
Natural mother yeast, lovingly “nurtured” by Mr. Biasetto for 16 years
Fresh eggs from local corn-fed hens
Italian DOP Acacia honey from the Italian Alps
Untreated orange peel from Sicily
Organic raisins
Pure high altitude butter
Organic Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar

I thought each ingredient was particular especially the Organic Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar.

I never tasted anything like it. My sister tried to compare it to a West Indian fruit cake but it’s different. It does not have an excessive amount of fruits where you taste a fruit in every bite.

It’s simple but good. Which explains why I only got one slice of my birthday cake.

My family kept slicing it while I kept telling them how thankful I was for my birthday gifts.

Usually, when it is someone’s birthday in my family, the cake lasts at least two nights. This cake only lasted until the next afternoon. When I came home from work the following day, there was no more Panettone.

It is yellow on the inside and brown on the outside. It is not crummy or too greasy.  It’s just right.

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