Juicy Couture


368 Bleecker Street

If you want to see a name brand style you can do one of two things, go to the store itself or visit its website.

I think going to its website would tell you more. The stores can only carry so much (unless it’s a warehouse).

The website has everything.

Such is true for Juicy Couture.

So much for its style, lets talk about the display.

The wooden piece, that looks like a puzzle, is interesting. It looks like it is supposed to be an imitation of a ‘Juicy Couture’ necklace.

The flowers around the window add some juicy flavor but the ‘Get Your Jollies’ phrase pasted on the window, makes the display hard to enjoy. They eye is forced to bounce around instead of being able to get a ‘juicy’ display.

The clothes that the manikin’s are modeling are hard to see.

There is so much going on in the window; nevertheless, your eye can adjust to the noise.

Juicy Couture receives an 8.


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