Cooking for Gustiamo

When my sister, Yunice, who works at Gustiamo, comes home from work, she always tells us what she had for lunch.

Gustiamo has their own style of eating and not only is my family experiencing their style by purchasing some of their products but in return, Gustiamo is getting an idea of how my family would cook their items.

Last week and this week, Yunice came home with some ingredients from the warehouse:

Miele Manias


Le Penne Classiche dei Martelli famiglia di pastai


“The Miracle of San Gennaro” Tomatoes

She also came with instructions on how to make Italian pasta.

So, with a little help from everyone in the family, she made her first Italian dish: pasta, sausage, and broccoli. It tasted finger-licking good.

The next day, Yunice brought the dish to Gustiamo.

I can’t imagine the pressure she was feeling. I would have been shaking in my boots if I had to cook an Italian dish for Italians.

Nevertheless, when she came home, she told us that Gustiao liked the dish!

Of course she was given some constructive criticism (she should have used a little more olive oil), but over all, they enjoyed it.

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