2 thoughts on “Embrace the King of Kings

  1. i saw this and loved it but i saw it because i was searching for things about the bronxs because i feel God leading me there for something dont know what yet but would love to chat to find out more about where you live. The place not actually where you live. I am a christian and have been praying jor God to send me and i fell him pulling me there and want to find out about the place.

  2. Hi Melissa,
    These trees are all over the Bronx and not only in the Bronx but in other countries too!
    God is always sending his children messages we just have to be open to him and willing to accept what he is telling us. Sometimes, all it takes is a walk down the road to hear him or just waking up and thanking him!
    Keep praying and seeking him.
    God is real.
    Be Blessed,

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