Piennolo Vine Tomatoes & Fried Chicken

This week, I did something I haven’t done in a long time, I fried chicken.

I wanted to serve Gustiamo’s Piennolo Vine Tomatoe’s in a different way.

I had them with pasta and Zenzero (thank God for Google Translate) told me how well they were with soup, even the New York Times suggested having them on your pizza but what about fried chicken?!

While I was cooking, I kept thinking how would I serve the tomatoes? Should I mix it with olive oil and garlic like Gustiamo suggested or just serve it plain.

Because I am used to cutting regular tomatoes and eating them without anything added, I even considered serving them straight from the jar.

And, that is what I did.I did not even heat them.

And, they tasted good. Actually, better than the “regular tomato” I’m used too.

My family had fried chicken, sweet yams and Piennolo Vine Tomatoes.

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