A Fix in Fashion

You ever walked into Lord & Taylor and wondered about the furniture in the store?

The couch you rested on, the rack your clothes came from or the matching mirrored wall that was behind you?

Where did it come from?

Who put that wooden shelf in the corner?

Did Lord & Taylor assign someone to shop at Raymour and Flannigan?

Well, no need in shrugging your shoulders, thinking this is another question that can not be answered; because this time, I can share with you something I learned today.

On my way to an art gallery,  I walked into a shop at 134th West 25th St. I loved the clothes on the manikins and thought, even though the store looks very high-end, perhaps I can find something on sale. It turns out, nothing on the manikins were on sale. As a matter of fact, nothing in the store was for sale.

I was greeted by Michael Jackoski who  after telling me that the clothes were not for sale, schooled me on store fixtures and it’s fashion.

These clothes are not for sale. This is JPMA Global, a store fixture manufacture.

JPMA is responsible for the ambience of the stores and their contemporary interior designs.  We’re the reason why fixtures meet fashion.

He then begin to tell me about each art piece that was on display and of the different companies that use JPMA‘s production.

We cater to high-end fashion such as Lord & Taylor, Kate Spade, Ralph Lauren and Coach just to name a few.

We make our products following the fashion of the time….

Mr. Jackoski proceeded to show me a clothing rack that JPMA made. Instead of a regular rack made from stainless steel, this one was made from metal and had fantastic detail. The rack contained small triangle-like shapes making it in-tune with the surrounding  wall and shelves (also made by JPMA).

He also gave me a little history of the business.

JPMA is a family operated business that is ran out of Montreal. It was found by Joseph Paventi in 1968. For 43 years it has been supporting the retail industry. It is different from the other store fixture manufacturers mainly because not only does it specializein many mediums (wood, metal, glass, acrylics) but it work close with its customers.

As JPMA‘S website suggest, their main goal is to “support you [the stores that buy from them] in selling more products”.

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