Italian Artisanal Biscotti

In December, after visiting Gustiamo, I came back home with a few items. And, of all the items that I came back with, the biscotti was the best.

My siblings were from school on their winter break and it was the one time of the year when the family was together. I knew everyone was going to want some of those cookies but I kind of didn’t want to share ( and you wouldn’t either if you had some of those biscotti).

Anyways, I shared because I had too.

I knew that the biscotti were going to taste good because I had them before. I had the “Brutti ma Buoni” Cookies by Di Ciaccio (which I blogged about before) and couldn’t wait to taste the “Fioridimandorla” (Almond Flowers) Cookies by Di Ciaccio.

My brother who is a Chips Ahoy fan, loved the “Brutti ma Buoni” Cookies by Di Ciaccio and kept reaching for the can, which I didn’t mine. I was eager to open up the  “Fioridimandorla”.

Finally,  I got to taste the “Fioridimadorla”, and it was scrumptious. They were not soft neither did they melt in your mouth but the taste was somehow special. It was almost like you could taste the different ingredients that Di Ciaccio used and felt healthy from eating a cookie! Can you imagine that? Felt healthy from eating a cookie?! I am not an artisan and am not the best when it comes to tasting food but one can taste the rich milk and eggs that Di Ciaccio uses for the biscotti.

My desire to not share got the best of me and while my family was talking and laughing, I took the rest of the biscotti (they were almost gone) and put the lid back on the can. Instead of placing them in the kitchen, I put them on the bookshelf and told my family not the trow away the can so I could blog about it later, some how implying that all the biscotti were gone.

The few days, when I got a sweet tooth, I just went to the bookshelf and had the rest of the biscotti!

Should I have shared? *sigh*

One thought on “Italian Artisanal Biscotti

  1. Should you have shared? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Even if you felt healthy after eating a cookie, chances are that they had lots of extra calories that you don’t need. And as much as you don’t need them, the rest of your family doesn’t need them all the more ;). You’re just saving them from themselves, of course.

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