Shrimp fried in Il Tratturello Olive Oil

The other night my sister, Yunice, cooked for the family.

We had white rice, tossed salad and fried shrimp ( the orange drink is orange juice) and it was good.

Instead of using vegetable oil, she fried the shrimp in Il Tratturello Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva. The oil was so rich that I could taste it (and still can); nevertheless, it was not overpowering or too much. It was just right.

Now,Il Tratturello Olio Extra Vergine d’Oliva is made in Larino, Molise.

According to Larino is a place in Italy not truly discovered… I am not sure what it means to live in a place that is undiscovered, but it sounds somewhat exciting! Something else that is exciting is each olive oil bottle is  very limited, approximately 3,600 litres. Each bottle is manually numbered and comes with a red wax seal. It’s like, no two bottles are alike.

By the way, the seal on my bottle is number 2, order yours from today for a true Italian olive oil experience.

2 thoughts on “Shrimp fried in Il Tratturello Olive Oil

  1. I am very happy that Molise exist for me. Hopefully, one day it would be more
    than a region on a map and become tangible for me.
    hai scritto tutto correttamente!

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