Celebrate with Gianduja

This week, March 15 to be exact, was my sister, Yunice, Birthday and to celebrate it my baby sister, April, made a cake in the shape of a clarinet. For icing she used Gianduja.

Gianduja is a spread made by La Molina and sold by Gustiamo.

Gustiamo hits the nail right on the head when they say it is sinfully rich and creamy.

It is often compared to Nutella but is much better because it is made with natural ingredients.

April first made a pudding and then when the pudding got thick, she mixed the Gianduja with the pudding. She used milk for her pudding instead of water. After icing the cake, she added crushed peanuts around the cake. It’s so good!

When you order a jar of Gianduja, do not make the mistake we made and leave it in a warm place. For some reason we did not know that it was supposed to be kept in a cool place and the Gianduja became watery and was not solid. Make sure you put it in the refrigerator.

Oh, and about the candles on the cake, Yunice did not turn three years old but the number three is relevant because she was born in the third month.

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