Sweaters in Spring

So, Spring has finally sprung and it’s got everyone feeling “tingly” and springy. I love it.

Cars are turning up the music and kids are  running out of the school building with a feeling of anticipation of summer.

I even notice that a lot of my friends are updating their status about pollen flying in the air (a lot of my country friends).

But for us city folk, finally it’s that time when we can take off the heavy jacket and show off the outfit on the streets!

I say, add a sweater to your outfit. A spring sweater of course. Especially, since we are still in the early stages of spring. Well, really, it’s not my idea. I got it from Club Monaco who is now introducing The Joshua Sweater.

A little birdie tells me that there is going to be a great emphasizes on color and pattern this spring season (make sure your sweater is anything but a common black or white crew-neck).

Instead, try mixing and matching different colors and patters to create a new you on a whole new level. And best of all, enjoy the colors and beautiful world God gave us! Happy Spring!

2 thoughts on “Sweaters in Spring

  1. Lucky you, you have spring already! I am still shovelling snow and breaking ice, although the layers are already much thinner than they were in February. I am still preparing holes in th snow for the deer to find the food easier (and to help the sun starting a melting process, as an unbroken white surface will not melt easily).

    I have bought new clothes last week and can’t wait to wear them! But it looks like I am still in need of my winter coat for quite another while…

    Last week we were in New Jersey for 2 days, and it was nice spring wheather indeed! I guess you are in NYC. How is spring there? Even any seasons? Are they noticable in the big city? Sorry if this sounds (reads) dumb to you. I am a country girl from the hinterlands.

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