The Real Drumline

After reading “Behind the Music: Hazing or Brotherhood?” a story in the March 2011 EBONY issue,  I decided to have a sister to brother talk with one of my friends who goes to a HBCU in Georgia. I thought the story was interesting and really  gave me a different perceptive about college bands. For a long time I thought what Drumline showed was the truth (yea, I know so naive).

Nevertheless, my brother told me that marching bands are more than Drumline. Which makes a lot of sense. How could I ever think that a movie was the real deal? It’s always so much more intensified in life.

Fortunately, my brother is in a band that doesn’t haze even though he said other organizations on campus may.

We didn’t talk for long but what I gathered is that he didn’t really see much wrong in it. I got the feeling that he was defending the bands that did haze.

The following is the conversation we had on facebook. He signed off without answering my last question (His comments are in red).

[Hazing] happens just about everywhere…it’s just more main stream at Black Colleges…all hazing is not bad…when people join Greek Frats and Sororities they get hazed..even at PWC’s…its just that Blacks seem to take it way too far sometimes..

what is a PWC? have you ever participated in a hazing event? or been hazed?

Public White College…no I haven’t

Do you know anyone who has [been hazed] who spoke to you about it?

It doesn’t happen on your band? Did you have to do anything to get in your band?

we don’t haze…anybody who wants to join the band can join as long as you can play…the military hazes..but nobody says anything…football teams haze…

so, even if a person couldn’t read music? how do they judge if a person is good enough?

u have a audition…play musical scales, play a prepared hazing involved…

oh. when you said that not all hazing is bad, what did you mean?

because in the military you get hazed into you are disciplined at the highest level..but nobody goes and tells that they have been hazed…but they are worried about a band program…people gotta be real..

continue…what do you mean ‘ you get hazed into shape’ and you seem to be implying that people are hypocritical when they talk about hazing. not worrying about the military which I didn’t know had hazing and worrying about the band. why is that?

hazing is a form of discipline…

i thought it was a way to be accepted into a social setting?

Then he signed off, but that was enough for me to conclude that with all the hype I hear about HBCU’s  bands there is hurt if it isn’t handled right.

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