A Gustiamo Dinner

Yunice cooked a quick dinner dish the other night.

It was so quick, I went back for seconds and there was none.

My dad made the meat which was general ground beef mix with the usual: cipolli, green peppers, ect. Then Yunice added a fantastic sauce:  “Sugo Malafemmina” – Malafemmina Pasta Sauce.

Yunice fixed up a simple spaghetti dish to go with the meal. This dish was so good, even Beatrice from Gustiamo would have been licking her fingers! Yunice used Pasta Latini and Buonolio, an olive oil by Benza.The pasta was made with the right amount of oil. It was not to stringy or sticky. When I picked it up with my forchetta, it did not slide off; nevertheless, it wasn’t dry. It was ‘just right’ spaghetti.

I hope you like our professional food photo!

p.s. I used two words from my Italian Vocabulary…do you know which two?

2 thoughts on “A Gustiamo Dinner

  1. Interesting that you put the sugo beside the pasta.

    These sauces are great, you are right. And yes, they vanish way too quick, I know that from my own household as well…

    That dish must have been delicious, altough I would have left the meat out. But Latini pasta, Benza oil and the Malafemmina sugo are irrisistable, I agree!

    A tipp: try Bucatini next time instead of Spaghetti. They are a bit thicker with a hole in the middle. I like them better. But that is of course only my personal opinion.

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