Black Rice?

You are looking at a photo taken last summer. It is a group of Mary Mitchell children fixing their peers a snack for snack-time.

The children went to the community garden and picked fresh verdura to make a salad and then followed Martina from Gustiamo around the cucina to help fix the rice.

Whenever she requested more salt, they were right there to pour it in…yes, pour. Until she taught them the concept of a ‘dash of salt’.  The salt Martina brought over to the Mary Mitchell was new to them, being Sea Salt from Trapani.

And the olive oil? Well, lets just say that the kids kept pouring that on too…Until there was no more Colle Nobile olive oil.

It was something new for the entire Mary Mitchell community. Not eating healthy, because Mary Mitchell always eat healthy but this snack was something else! Made by its very own…

The little chefs and Martina set up a little table and decided to serve every one at the center their special: Salad and Black Rice.

Yes, Black Rice.

Martina schooled everyone and told us where the rice was made (china) and how it was grown (in marshy land…).

Finally, it was tasting time…who will be the first? Some of the staff who didn’t know what the children were cooking sent word down to tell them not to forget to save them a dish.

Everyone in the center was surprised. What’s this black stuff? Black Rice?!

Some kids ate the salad and left the black stuff. Some ate it.

But all kept the memories of Gustiamo and the black rice.

2 thoughts on “Black Rice?

  1. Ha! I was about writing a similar post about the Venere Nero myself one of these days! I am trying recipes with it. Last night I cooked it with coconut milk and added fruits (from cans of course, as this month there is not a single fruit in season). That was very very sweet. I also used the juice from the cans . I had pineapple pieces, pear pieces and some mandarins.

    With that I served a Thai Peanut sauce, also cooked with coconut oil. It had added a big (diced) white onion and half a pound of frozen carrotts to it, then a whole bag (340g) of Quorn tenders (fake chicken).

    It was a very new dish to us, and we liked it a lot. We still have some leftovers now, will make new Peanut sauce and eat that again tonight. But this time without Quorn, as that would become to expensive.

    I believe that sweet recipe with the fruits is called Rice Pudding. Because it looks a bit like that, and it is sweet and of a similar consistence.

    Did you like it?

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