Of all the couple pictures I took, this picture is closest to my heart.

It is of my sister and her then boyfriend. They came from Virgina to see me graduate.

The following Sunday (after the graduation) we got up pretty early and walked back to Fordham’s campus. I wanted to take a few pictures and see the campus after all the festivities. I am glad I did. I ran into a few professors getting last minuet work done and got to see the clean up crew cleaning up around the campus. I remember going to the library and seeing the shoot filled with returned books. There were so many books, some were on the ground.

I remember Toyra and Carl being great company. My four years at Fordham, I always walked around campus singing gospel songs. This last Sunday, I wasn’t the only one praising God. Carl and Toyra joined me in harmony in every song. (We sang so much, a lady who was jogging, stopped to tell us “that’s my church for today!” and kept running).  I remember the feeling of joy and tranquility at that particular moment. The campus was so quite and still. Even though I was still pondering on Bloomberg’s speech from the day before (he spoke at the graduation) and was anxious about getting a job, it was an exultant moment for me.

Little did I know that next year, Toyra and Carl were going to be married.

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