Used to Be Couple

So, this is a photo of two of my fellow classmates from undergrad. We met in Fordham University’s inter-campus van. I had my camera and wanted something to photograph and they were sitting in front of me in the van, cozy and what-not. So, when we got to the Lincoln Center campus I asked them if I could photograph them.

Not only did they say yes, but they followed me to the St. Peter’s Church and the Time Warner building. I was able to use them to make a lot of my photo ideas to come to life. Of all the pictures I took of them, this is one of my favorite.

When I presented their photos to my photo class, my teacher said: “One thing about taking pictures of couples is when they split, where do the pictures go?”

I was on facebook the other day and saw that the girl had listed someone else as her boyfriend. I am not sure if they still like the pictures but I do.

If the photo is a great picture, the photographer will keep it and cherish it regardless if the couple is still a couple or not.

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