Spaghetti with space in the Middle

You haven’t tasted Spaghetti if you haven’t tried the Bucatini pasta.  A Gustiamo customer advised me to try the Bucatini pasta and as promised I did.

I am glad I did. I now have a preference, either spaghetti without space in the middle or spaghetti with space in the middle.

It is not as light as the more common spaghetti or spaghetti that I am used to. Like, I couldn’t wrap it around my forchetta and I did not get a joy out of slurping it but it’s still fun to eat because it has air in the middle. That is what makes it different.

One more thing, if you want to see how Spaghetti is made visit the Gustiamo blog! Or check out the video on youtube.

2 thoughts on “Spaghetti with space in the Middle

  1. Bucatini are also my favourites! My specialty is a vegetarian version of the dish all’ amatriiciana. Instead of pig cheaks or pancetta or bacon I am using Morningstar Farm’s fake Bacon strips.

    Both Faella and Latini work for me, when I need Bucatini. I absolutely like the thicker pasta (compared to the thinner Spaghetti), the mouthfeel is somehow better.

    How did your family like this specialty?

  2. what is fake bacon strips?

    you are absolutely right concerning the thicker pasta. It was my first time trying the think pasta and I enjoyed it more then the skinny pasta. I think you explain it well when you say “the mouthfeel is somehow better”.

    My family really enjoyed it also. I also notice that while we are used to eating meat with every meal, shopping at Gustiamo is changing our eating habits. Just last night we only had the Bucatini with Sugo Muntagna and was content.

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