A Sad Father’s Day

Is it me or is the excitement for Mother’s Day totally different for Father’s Day?

As soon as the month of May came around it was impossible to forget that Mother’s Day was right around the corner. Mother’s Day was mentioned in every newsletter and pictures of mothers’ were posted on almost every website. I thought for sure the same would happen for the opposite sex!

It seems no one is jumping on this holiday to sell their product.

Very few designers are marketing much for Father’s Day.

Around Mother’s Day, Michael Kors actually created a bag, the Joan Bag, for his mother and introduced it to his customers for Mother’s Day, as the perfect gift. Why not create a watch or a sport’s bag for Father’s Day? In comparison to the newsletter for Mother’s Day, Michael Kors newsletter in preparation for Father’s Day, doesn’t seem too happy: it’s a picture of a watch and it reads: Make Dad’s Day Unforgettable.

In addition, Cole Hann, who actually makes very comfortable and stylish shoes for men, did not do much to market for Father’s Day. As a matter of fact, a note to the buyer that reads ‘Don’t Forget Dad’ was added at the end of a ‘SALE’ newsletter.

The Brooks Brothers jumped on the Father’s Day wagon telling their buyers not to ‘forget dad’ even though their newsletters weren’t that exciting.

It seems all of the companies manged to use the word forget.

Nonetheless, not all are ignoring  Dad.

I enjoyed Steven Alan and Kate Spade newsletter’s the best. Steven Alan’s creative way to spell dad is eye-catching.  At least some one cares enough for dad to make letters out of clothes. Kate Spade Father’s Day gift guide show’s us that someone is putting effort forward for dad!

Maybe everyone is waiting for June 19 to post the words: We are Happy, Father’s Day is here and gone tomorrow.

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