Fishtail Braid Ponytail

I saw this and thought it was worth re-posting:

With the ponytail taking center stage this season and braids still a hairstyle mainstain, this pony-fishtail braid fusion we spotted on Russh magazine’s site proves to be an irresistible way to beat the summer heat. The style is way easier than it looks, and the addition of a fishtail gives a delicate and alluring appeal to the simple pony—not to mention it’ll keep your hair off your neck in hot and steamy weather! Here’s the how-to: Pull hair into a ponytail, then spray on a little dry shampoo if you need texture, or add a little pomade to make frizzy or thick hair more manageable. Separate the pony into two sections. Next, take small pieces of hair from the bottom of each section and loop over, alternating sides until your fishtail is finished. Secure with a binder and you’re good to go!

By Betsey McLain 


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