Holy Temple


I ran into my pastor, Bishop Green, when I was coming out of the post office. He was just as surprised to see me as I was him.

Raspberry Jam for Mother’s Day

The Little Flock made raspberry jam for mother’s day. It was a fun, quick and easy process. The children were eager to do everything from washing the dishes to mashing raspberries.

I am not a raspberry lover. I actually don’t like the taste but seeing them eat the raspberries like candy, made me want to try some.

After mashing the berries, one child was picked to measure and pour sugar. Then, we placed it on the stove for two minutes.

I stirred the mix and soon it was ready.

Each child washed out a mini mason jar and I filled it up to the brim.

Then, while I cleaned up the kitchen, they raced upstairs to wrap their gifts and present it to their mothers.

Now I am thinking, what can we do for father’s day?


Sunday Dinner

After church on Sunday, we ate out at Texas de Brazil. I was the only one eating the sweet plantains…until little Ardas tried them and agreed with me that it was something to devour.

Cooking for Church


The last friday in March, the young adult choir hosted a fish fry for the saints.

When I was a little girl, I would look at the adults cooking in the church kitchen and hope never to have to labor in that way (the big pots and pans scared me and sometimes still do).

However, I am not sure when I started volunteering my cooking services…as I don’t consider myself the best cook around.¬†However, I did and it’s an experience that I only enjoy when it’s all over.

Cooking is not my favorite pastime but I do cook. I cook more for a necessity. The more people in the kitchen with me, the more merrier I become, especially if those around me cook as their hobby…like my sister, April!



Big Hat and Selfie and Wise Child


You see the little boy? He was watching his aunts have fun while taking selfies. Then, I came by with my camera and asked to join the fun.

Everyone kept repositioning their faces to fit the frame. Your hat is too wide they kept saying.

The little boy simply got up and tuck in his little head. I told him there was no way he was going to get in the photo.

But, as you see, a child knew better than an adult once again!

Sam & His Friends


Last Sunday, my brother friends took him up on his invitation to church.

Little did they know that that night they will have to fix a flat on the mini volkswagen they were riding around in.

Bridal Shower

Bridal Shower


The Little Flock threw Latrina a bridal shower before she tied the knot in August. The little kids brought her little gifts and when she walked into the room, they stood up to sing a song. For them, it was all about winning prizes after answering questions. They forgot it was a party, to celebrate Latrina, and started to compete for prizes.