Road Trip to Jacksonville, Florida

My family recently took a road trip to Florida. It was simply fun and exciting. I enjoyed going through the different states and seeing more of my America than my usual New York. I tried to photograph signs that said “Welcome to” for each state as I could. I enjoyed watching the sun rise and set and the steady movement of the traffic. I wish I could continue on through America all this season but we had to return home.

I took pictures constantly. As we went further south, the weather got warmer and the scenery changed. The trees changed in number and in type. I was glad to see more trees than buildings for a change!

My favorite scenery picture (the one above) was taken in Georgia. The sun was setting and we were almost in Florida but not quite. I stared to see a lot of marsh land. Some of the flatness reminded me of Alaska.

If you look closely, you can see the van window and an outline of a person’s head.

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