More Grapefruit!

My Sister, who lives in Florida, came up to visit during the Winter Holiday. Guess what she brought with her? A whole box of grapefruit. Believe me, we took this picture late in the game. This box was full to the top.

I consider myself blessed. The supermarkets in my Bronx are not the best when it comes down to shopping for foods that are fresh. I can taste the difference when I go else where to buy fruits and vegetables. Price Choice, C-Town, and even the corner stores do not always carry food that is wholesome. And when you do find a healthy piece of something to eat, it is more than likely, over priced.

For example, the other day I went to a corner store. I did not want chips or candy I wanted an apple. Well, there were apples…that probably were there for about a month. But that is not even the reason I did not purchase the apple. Not only did it seem old, but the price recently went up to a dollar!

So, for me to come across someone who grows their own grapefruit and basically look for people to give it too, is a blessing.

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