Leeritta’s Hat

This is one of the many beautiful parents who I saw at the African-American Children’s book fair.  Her name is Leeritta.

I was walking pass her and in the corner of my eye I noticed her hat. So, I backed up and complimented her. She returned the compliment and I asked if I could photograph her.

You know how when you first meet someone and you become friends right away? That’s how it was for me when I met her. She was such a sweet person! All we talked about was fashion and photography but her spirit was so sweet, I think I could have kept talking to her.

The little girl standing next to her is her beautiful daughter, Leela who is four years old. You will be seeing more of her…she got camera happy! She has another daughter named Laresa.

Yep, she loves the letter L. That’s probably why we clicked.

Check out her blue ruffled blouse. It’s simple but catchy.

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