Her hair caught my attention so much so that I didn’t notice the snake-skin platforms until I took the photo.

While in Philly, I didn’t see many people wearing big coats like we do in New York. It seemed cold to me but almost of everyone had on short cute jackets.  Notice her short leather jacket. Maybe it was because I came on the weekend…

By the way, we are in the train station. It was my first time using Philadelphia’s city train. They didn’t call the train station the train station they called it The Septa. I have yet to find out why.

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  1. Hi lilly29,

    SEPTA is the mass/public transportation agency in Philadelphia and surrounding counties. SEPTA actually stands for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Most stations are named after their street location or the town (if a railroad station).

    If you are ever in Philadelphia again and would like information on how to travel via public transportation, feel free to contact us at 215-580-7800, or online at and use the online form or chat feature.

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