Jamel & Melina

Jamal & Melina Lilly

I met Jamel and his beautiful daughter, Melina Lilly, at the 33rd Annual Making Brooklyn Bloom event and I was a bit curious to know if Jamel was a gardener too. And guess what? He is.

The reason I was curious is I don’t met much African American young men in my neighborhood who run a garden or help others learn about the importance of gardening. Now, I am not saying that they don’t. Maybe they go else where to garden.

When I told Jamel that I wanted to blog about him, (I don’t think he knew that I was going to write about him) he told me that he also blogged. I visited it and was impressed. He is apart of an organization that help mold youth into leaders using the environment as their foundation.

Jamel clearly cares about his community and the future of it, his concern shows through his work and his personality.

I wonder how Jamel got into gardening and how effective his organization may be. Perhaps teaching youth how to grow their own food can put an end to some of the inner city trouble many like to speak about.

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